JLO Magic – Bremerton, WA

bees This is the first official blog post to JLO Magic since the site was created by professionals.  Who knew that maintaining a site would be so much work?  It’s absolutely worth it.  We have been working hard to keep up with new leads and also responding to our wonderful return clients.  It’s almost time to get prepared for the weekend.  We actually had to send our little one to her babysitter’s house so we could get some work done.  Don’t worry she loves it :)

This summer has been great for the business.  You name it and we’ve probably been there; from Tacoma to Seattle and beyond.  We’ve even been out to multiple events in Bremerton and the Kitsap Naval base.  This summer has seen many cool pool parties.  It’s really fun seeing parents and grandparents just hanging with their children on a saturday afternoon whether it be a pool party or a birthday celebration.  I’ll bring this to a close by wishing you a continuous fun summer with your family and loved ones as well.


JLO Magic