Magic $300/first hour, $150 each additional hour

This can be a one-hour magic show (private parties), or one hour of close-up/walk around magic. Please call for corporate quotes. Visit the contact page now.

Balloon Twisting $150/hour

Basic, fast-paced balloon twisting can service 30-40 people per hour. Detailed, fancy balloon twisting can serve about 15 people per hour.  John and Ana have attended workshops and conventions to ensure you get some of the best balloon twisting you have seen. Visit the contact page now.

Face Painting $150/hour

Detailed, fancy face painting can service 10-12 people per hour. Fast-paced cheek and eye designs can serve up to 20 people per hour. Both John and Ana are incredible face painters who have attended workshop and conventions to hone their skills. Visit the contact page now.

Waterproof Face Painting $125/hour

This is airbrush face painting in which FDA approved hybrid face/body paint is used.  It is safe for children 3 and over and is waterproof, sweat proof, and smudge proof; however, it is easily washed off with soap and water.  About 15 kids per hour can be airbrush face painted.

Airbrush Tattoos $125/hour

We have small and simple tattoo stencils and big and detailed ones; your choice.  Small airbrush tattoos can serve about 30-40 people per hour (providing they have their designed picked out quickly). The larger, more detailed and realistic ones take about 10 minutes per person. We can use hybrid paint that washes off easily with soap and water and can be applied to the face, too; OR we can use alcohol-based paint that can be applied to the body but not the face, and lasts about 5 days, like a temporary tattoo. Add $25 per hour for the Tattoo Pro Stencils (view our gallery) with the 5-day ink. Visit the contact page now.

Glitter Tattoos $100/hour

Glitter Tattoos can service about 20 people per hour. They last 3-5 days, sometimes longer, but can be easily removed with alcohol or baby oil.

Caricatures $165/hour

About 15-20 individual black and white caricatures can be done per hour. Of course more time is needed for color caricatures and/or for couples or groups. Visit the contact page now.

Photo Booth $400 for the first two hours and $150 each additional hour.

Our photo booth set-up is very professional-looking, comes with props to fit your theme, customized photo strips, a digital photo gallery, a nice backdrop, and unlimited prints.

The Big Three Package $350 (2 hours)

This is our most popular package and includes a 30 minute magic show, 45 minutes of balloon twisting, and 45 minutes of face painting, all for up to 12 kids. If you have more kids, you may need to add more time, or you can simply choose between balloon twisting or face painting only. Visit the contact page now.

Snow Cones $150/hour

2 hour minimum.  Comes with staff member to operate it.  This can be used for private parties or large events. This is a commercial-grade machine that can fee many.

Cotton Candy $125/hour

2 hour minimum. Comes with staff member to operate it. This can be used for large private parties or events. About 75-100 cotton candy cones can be served per hour. Check out our cute site for cotton candy!

*Areas outside of Thurston County may require a two-hour minimum and a $10-$50 travel fee.
**Any services can be packaged together and may qualify for a discount depending on the length of service and number of entertainers booked.